SEDS Mora is the SEDS chapter in University of Moratuwa, initiated on 17th of January 2019. Our membership consists of undergraduates from all 4 faculties (Engineering, Architecture, IT, and Business) and NDT as well. Our objectives are to use technology for development of Space Sciences, educate students of Moratuwa about the benefits of Space Science, provide an opportunity for members to develop their technical and leadership skills, provide opportunities for our university students to manage and participate in national and international projects.


SEDS Peradeniya comprises a crew of energitic and enthusiastic young individuals who are passionate of space exploration and development. The chapter has conducted a series of exciting events to uphold the attitudes, knowledge and skills with regard to space and raise awareness on exploration. Pico Satellite and Ground Station Control workshop organized by the chapter in collaboration with ORION Space Pvt. Ltd, Bhaktapur, Nepal under the supervision and guidance of SEDS Sri Lanka was one of the key contributions.


SEDS AGNI is the SEDS chapter of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka. Chapter was established in the beginning of 2020. At present the chapter is functioning in the faculty of engineering and the faculty of applied sciences of the university. Throughout the year 2020 members of the chapter had been actively participated and contributed on some of the major projects which are done by SEDS Sri Lanka and also form chapters of other universities.

SEDS Kelaniya

SEDS association of university of Kelaniya was started together with all the faculties in our university and the first annual meeting of this inter faculty association was held on 27th of June 2019 @Hall A11-104, Faculty of science University of Kelaniya also the annual meeting was successfully held under the pratonage of Dr. Mangala Katugampola , head of the Department of Archeology.

SEDS Sabra

SEDS Sabra has been recently started on 28th of January in 2020 as one of the the official chapters of SEDS Sri Lanka which was initiated in 2018, representing Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. As SEDS is organized by country, region, and chapter SEDS Sabra also deals with the major objective of bringing together the space enthusiastics from all corners of the university as well as from other universities. SEDS Sabra is currently on the radar with contribution of undergraduates from Faculty of Geomatics, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Medicine of SUSL.


From its inception, SEDS SLIIT has blazed a trail throughout its journey. By the end of 2020, the society is growing at an exponential rate inside SLIIT with members from many different faculties and degree programmes actively participating in it. SEDS SLIIT members actively volunteer in many national level events organized by SEDS SL. Plans are underway for many new projects to cultivate the interests of members both new and old, in various disciplines.

SEDS Wayamba

The Wayamba University of Sri Lanka was privileged to become a SEDS chapter under the supervision of SEDS Sri Lanka on 23rd March 2020. The foundation for the establishment of a SEDS chapter in Wayamba University of Sri Lanka was laid by Ms. L.C.D. Wckramasinghe, who is still the guidance and strength of Wayamba SEDSers. Also, the immense support and guidance given by Mr. Amila Sandun, Mr. Thilan Harshana and Ms. Dasuni Hewawasam should be appreciated.


Seds yarl is the seds chapter of University of Jaffna which is initiated in late October of 2020.This chapter is keenly working to encourage undergraduates of University of Jaffna in space science. Our aim is to build a strong group of undergraduates who can work towards the development of space.In addition, we are aiming to give each members an opportunity to come up with their skills talents and also making connections with similar minds across the world.In future we have several plans to interconnect with school students and space enthusiasts in community too.


SEDS OUSL is the official SEDS chapter of The Open University of Sri Lanka. The largest government university of Sri Lanka,OUSL joined the SEDS family in 2019 January. Currently we are functioning in Nawala, Kandy, Matara and Anuradhapura regional centers. More than 350 students have joined SEDS OUSL from faculty of Natural Science,Engineering Technology,Health Science, Education and Management Studies. The objective of SEDS OUSL is to give our members a chance to gain the knowledge of modern science, astronomy and to create a better person with proper experiances.


SEDS SLTC is a gathering of highly motivated intellectuals striving for the betterment of Space exploration and development as a field of science. Hailing from the satellite station premises located at Padukka, Sri Lanka, SEDS SLTC comprises of students from various disciplines. A relative newcomer to the field, SEDS SLTC members have readily applied themselves in multiple projects carried out by the SEDS community.

SEDS Ruhuna

Comprehending with young, dynamic individuals who are eager to explore the space, SEDS Ruhuna is starting their exciting journey to the space as the SEDS chapter in University of Ruhuna since 2020. Actively participating and contributing on some major projects of SEDS Sri Lanka, SEDS Ruhuna offer great opportunities to their members to improve their leadership skills, participate in national and international level challenges and mostly, to conquest the thirst about the space.

SEDS Ocean

SEDS Ocean is the SEDS chapter of Ocean University of Sri Lanka established in 2020. Members of the chapter consists of undergraduates of Faculty of Engineering and Management. Throughout this year, we hope to build up our chapter which is rich in every essentialities to support the projects of SEDS Sri Lanka. We hope to do our best to enhance the knowledge of astronomy of the undergraduates of the university.


SEDS UoC is the SEDS chapter of University of Colombo Sri Lanka, initiated at the beginning of 2019. SEDS UoC members have taken part in University projects, major SEDS Sri Lanka projects as well as international events throughout the years 2019 and 2020. At present, SEDS UoC is mainly operated by University of Colombo School of Computing and Faculty of Science. SEDS UoC is currently focusing on accomplishing the goal of increasing the member involvement in upcoming SEDS projects.


SEDS NSBM is the official SEDS chapter of the National School of Business Management (NSBM), which is to be established in 2020. The chapter is optimistic about its planned activities of the 2021 calendar year and continually pledges to grant its support to the overall undertakings of SEDS Sri Lanka. SEDS NSBM strives to provide an opportunity to the students of NSBM in terms of astronomical knowledge, events and challenges.

SEDS Japura

Being one of the largest SEDS chapters in Sri Lanka, SEDS Jpura compromises of students from all the facilities including the Faculty of Medicine to the Faculty of Humanities and social sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The collective expertise of students from different backgrounds makes SEDS Jpura a force to be reckoned with, and is looking forward to launch a few initiatives in 2021. The chapter members have been actively participating in various SEDS events, and is expanding their horizons to new heights.

SEDS Juniors

SEDS Juniors is the initiative which educates and inspires the cluster of young stars to make use of their potential energy to burn bright. Main objective of SEDS Juniors is to empower the school students and encourage them to continue their higher education in Space science fields. High school students from all around the island are actively taking part in the events organized by the senior members of the other SEDS chapters. The community of juvenile space enthusiasts is showing a rapid growth since the day of establishment due to the rare opportunities they acquire to showcase their talents and skills.